Free! Vehicle Health Check

As you can see we are all about quality and giving people the best possible service. But if your unsure about trying a new vehicle repair garage then why not just give us a try with a FREE vehicle health check.

We will look at your vehicle and check things like the brakes, fluid levels and general vehicle condition and give you a recommendation on the way forward.

There is no obligation to get the work done with us and you can drive away without spending a penny.

We will check:

  • Exterior
    • Lights Check
    • Tyre Tread Depth and Pressure
    • Wipers and Washers
    • Horn
  • Vehicle Underside
    • Brake Discs and Pads / Drums
    • Brake Lines
    • Steering / Suspension
    • Exhaust
  • Under the bonnet
    • Brake Fluid Level
    • Antifreeze Strength and Level
    • Battery Condition
    • Oil Level
    • Power Steering Fluid Level
    • Fan Belt
    • Screen Wash Level

Remember it’s Free!

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