Electric and Hybrid Vehicles As technology is ever changing, more and more vehicles are becoming electric or hybrid, this is so much better for the environment. As a family that are striving to lower our carbon footprint we believe this is the right way for vehicles to go.Jonathan has completed his level 4 Bosch courses on electric and hybrid vehicles and is ready to service and repair your electric and hybrid vehicles. We want to help you make sure your electric or hybrid vehicle always remains in the best condition for the most enjoyable driving experience possible. For this reason, we’re here to offer you a vast range of services for your vehicle, with all work being carried out by our fully trained mechanic.Electric vehicles have much lower maintenance costs and their engines are much simpler to help brake the car, plus they will convert the energy used when braking into energy to help power the engine and therefore reduce the wear and tear on the brakes.No matter which electric or hybrid vehicle you own, you can be sure  that here at Burwains Service Centre, we understand how to take the best care of your car. If you would like to find out even more about the range of services we have available for your electric car, please get in touch with a member of our helpful and friendly team today.
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