Car Performance Upgrades

The tuning market is currently flooded with companies offering vehicle tuning and engine remapping, and again we have watched in dismay as these so called “professionals” offer cheaper and cheaper performance upgrades.

At Burwains Service Centre we offer a Performance Upgrade Service that starts with the basic vehicle health checks required to assess whether it is even safe to improve your engine’s performance. Not only that, there is no point trying to extract more power from an engine that is not running correctly to start with, the full benefits of the remap or any other upgrade would not be felt.

We wouldn’t be offering a professional service if we didn’t carry out these checks and we have, in the past, refused to carry out upgrades to vehicles based on their condition.

Performance Upgrade Health Check

  • Assess condition of engine oil
  • Check for oil leaks
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Carry out full diagnostic scan for stored engine faults
  • Carry out check for induction leaks using smoke machine
  • Carry out road test

Once these checks have been carried out it’s time to discuss what improvement you are looking for. In most cases one of our engine remaps will deliver the improvements you’re looking for. We are agents for BHP UK – a local company, specialising in engine remapping, this allows us to carry out top quality engine remaps in house.

The Process

  • Vehicle health check and road test
  • Plug in the genius tuning hardware to your vehicles OBD port
  • Make an exact copy of the tuning files from your car’s ECU
  • Store these files indefinitely both on site at our premises and at BHP UK headquarters allowing your vehicle to be returned to standard at any time
  • Send the files electronically to BHP UK to be modified to your specifications – IE more horsepower, more torque, better fuel economy etc.
  • BHP UK send the modified files back to us electronically
  • Upload onto you vehicle’s ECU
  • Carry out full assessment and roads test your vehicle

Using this process allows us to take advantage of BHP UK’s extensive software remapping expertise together with our mechanical and diagnostic experience. It allows us to carry out the whole process on site, helping to keep our prices as competitive as possible.

Car Performance Upgrades

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