Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics

Advanced vehicle diagnostics are no problem for Burwains Service Centre. You might think as vehicles become more and more technology dependent this was something only main dealers have the technology and tooling to diagnose. At Burwains Service Centre we are equipped with the latest advanced vehicle diagnostic equipment and continually invest in training on modern vehicle systems allowing us to keep up with the relentless pace of vehicle technology.

Warning Lights

If a warning light appears on your vehicle, our extensive range of vehicle diagnostic equipment will allow us to begin to diagnose any fault quickly and efficiently.

Are any of these warning lights on? If so ring us as soon as possible to book a slot to bring your car in. Leaving it too long could cause lasting damage to your vehicle.

  • ABS Warning Light

    ABS Warning Light

  • Battery Warning Light

    Battery Warning Light

  • Break System Alert

    Break System Alert

  • Engine Management Light

    Engine Management Light

  • Oil Pressure Warning

    Oil Pressure Warning

  • warning-light-temp-warning-light

    Temperature Warning Light

Advance Vehicle Diagnostics Burnley

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