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DPF Specialists

Here at Burwains Service Centre, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile with DPF problems along with all our services & getting back to what car repairs used to be. Which is caring for the customer and doing the best job possible.

We have set up another web site that specialises in DPF Solutions and how to deal with the problems. Why not check out this site for more information and help on DPF.

DPF Solutions NW

Click above to be taken to DPF Solutions NW, we are specialists in DPF problems.

What is a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)?

DPF stands for Diesel particulate filter, these filters are now fitted to the exhaust on modern diesel vehicles to trap soot particles present in the exhaust gases, helping them pass the Euro 5 and soon to be Euro 6 emissions regulations as set by the Clean Air For Europe program (CAFE).

How does a DPF work?

The exhaust gases flow through small closed parallel passages in the DPF. The walls of the passages are made from silicon carbide and are covered in a layer of precious metals, these walls allow exhaust gases to pass through them but not the larger soot particles which are retained.

At Burwains Service Centre we have seen a dramatic increase in vehicles with DPF problems and in response to this we have gone on to specialise in this field through training and specialist equipment.

If your vehicle’s DPF light is illuminated call us immediately for free advice and we can help you.

DPF Problems Burnley

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